The UW Campus - College Hill/Bascom Hill
Originally a cemetery where the first non-native burials in Madison took place this is where the physical layout of the campus of the University of Wisconsin began. Established on paper in 1848, in 1849 157.5 acres of land were purchased, including the hill.

The Hill has been a big part of campus history; a place for protests and demonstrations, traditions such as May Fete & Maypole Dance, the Lincoln Statue, and the infamous Pink Flamingo prank.

North Hall was the first building built, completed in 1851. South Hall, identical externally to North Hall, followed in 1855. Bascom Hall (then called Main Hall) was completed in 1858. Today North & South Halls look exactly as when they were built, Bascom Hall has changed significantly. The UW's first master plan also included two more buildings identical to North & South Hall that were never built.