Camp Randall Area
18?? 1861
In the time before the Civil War, the site of Camp Randall was owned by the Wisconsin Agricultural Society. The WAS held its annual state fair on the grounds.

1861 1893
When hostilities broke out in 1861, the Wisconsin Agricultural Society gave the land to the government for a major military training center. No fewer than 70,000 troops attended training drills at the Camp Randall complex. After peace was restored, the land was again turned back into state fair property, the fair later moved to Milwaukee. Wisconsin's Civil War veterans urged the legislature to purchase the land and in 1893, the state presented the site to the university as a memorial athletic field named after Wisconsin governor, Alexander Randall.

1917 Current     Camp Randall Memorial Stadium     1440 Monroe St.     Built 1917 - 4th oldest college football stadium

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