Grainger Hall - University of Wisconsin School of Business

975 University Ave.     Built 1991-93, Opened October 9, 1993
Construction included the largest excavation in Madison's history, requiring the removal of 13,000 truckloads of dirt. The building has 800 doors, 265,000 bricks and 1 million square feet of drywall.

2007 Addition

History of the Grainger site:

Squalor House Marker
A group of student residents of an old house located on the Grainger Hall site in the 1960s decided to mark its place in campus history with a stone inscribed with “Squalor House, 1967-1968.” they placed the stone in just about the spot where the house's kitchen had been. The “Grainger Hall Addition Project” on the rest of the block adjacent to Grainger Hall, forced the stone marker to be removed. What happened to it?

Bank & Rennebohm's Drugstore
On the corner of University Avenue & Park Street was Universtiy Avenue National Bank. The bank had two distinctive Bucky Badger clocks (One now placed on the building at 21 North Park Street) that long time Madisonians will remember seeing while driving through the intersection.

The old Rennebohm's drugstore was adjacent to the old bank building on the west.