Paul Ansel Chadbourne – President – 1867-1870
  • Born in North Berwick, Maine on October 21, 1823.
  • Originally rejected the offer of the presidency but finally accepted on June 22, 1867, and took office immediately
  • Law School was established during his administration, and the first professor of agriculture was hired
  • An opponent of co-education, creating a separate Female College when the legislature mandated in 1866 that women be allowed to enroll
  • Resigned in June, 1870
  • He died in New York City on February 23, 1883.
  • In 1901 Ladies Hall, which originally housed the Female College and later was a women's dormitory, was renamed Chadbourne Hall by E.A Birge. “I thought it only fair that Dr. Chadbourne’s contumacy regarding co-education should be punished by attaching his name to a building which turned out to be one of the main supports of co-education”