The University of Wisconsin

     Camp Randall Arch & Park
     College Hill/Bascom Hill
     Henry Mall & Ag Area
     Kiekhofer Wall
     Lakeshore Path
     Library Mall
     Muir Knoll
     Observatory Hill
     Sifting & Winnowing
     Ski Jump/Toboggan Slide
     Temporary Facilities

In 1838 the state territorial legislature passes a bill to establish a University “at or near Madison, the seat of government.” Ten years later, on July 26, 1848, The University of Wisconsin was established by the Wisconsin Legislature. Stating it is to be governed by a board of regents.

The initial plan by Chancellor John H. Lathrop developed in 1850 called for a quadrangle with a large central building at the top of the hillside flanked by four dormitory buildings. This was Bascom, North and South Halls. The two other dormitories were never built. The original drawings were by architect John F. Rague.

February 5, 1849 the first class was held at The Madison Female Academy under the direction of Professor Sterling. (Located on the site where Madison/Central High School would later be located) Classes continued here until North Hall was ready in 1851.
In 1854 the first degrees awarded to Levi Booth and Charles T. Wakeley.

1863 the first women admitted in the Normal Department, 1874 the Female College is closed and women officially receive full coeducational status.